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Sharing a Commitment to Excellence!

At our staff meeting last week on July 15th, we recognized 5 staff members: Erich James, Heather Herschler, Lois Parks, Nikita Nowells, and Thian Non for their ongoing commitment to excellence. Four of these team members also celebrated their one year anniversary of service with Joining Hands Visitation, which we commemorated with a decorative pin attached to their name badge. In addition, we recognized all five with a second pin for their ongoing commitment to excellence, demonstrated by their work ethic, job performance, and corroborated by feedback from the social workers, foster parents, and birth families that Joining Hands Visitation supports. Heather Herschler’s performance was especially significant as she only recently passed the 90-day mark of employment with JHV. Congratulations again to these hardworking, dedicated individuals. We look forward to awarding more pins in the future! Click here to view the photos of the awardees on Facebook.

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