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Reflections in Time

Wow! It’s been a year since COVID-19 burst on the scene. So much has changed for the agency in the process. We got one year older…we celebrated in a small way the start of our 5th year in business February of this year – Happy Birthday to Joining Hands Visitation (JHV)! We made it thru the storm with Blessings from Above!

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Not one staff member came down with COVID-19 or exposed a love one – for that we are truly grateful. In the process we opened a second location in Grays Harbor for visitation services so our families had somewhere warm and secure to go during these troublesome times. We were finally blessed – yes, there’s that word again – with a landlord willing to rent to us and now we are happily housed in Aberdeen Square located at 110 W Market Street, Suite #204 B since September of 2020. We have five nicely appointed visit rooms, a small cafeteria, our own private bathroom, conference room, lots of storage space, and a small kitchenette for our needs. Staff was super excited to assist with setup and in having a place to go where we could control the environment. and feel safe.

110 W Market St Suite #204-B Aberdeen, WA 98520

Also, at the start of this year, in January we expanded our local office in Lacey at the 6th Ave Center adding another 1500 square feet, gaining three additional nice sized private visit rooms – thus expanding us to 9 visit rooms, extra storage space, a nice sized classroom, and a small kitchenette with a sink. We are now almost half the entire second floor so we are super excited and very stoked about what the upcoming year will bring.

4317 6th Ave SE, Suite #204, Lacey, WA 98503

Joining Hands Visitation is very appreciative of all the help and support we received and are still receiving – prayers, physical assistance, and monetary – as we navigate these troublesome times the world is undergoing. We are a small wheel in the bigger wheel of life as we strive to reunite and reconnect families and build better futures for them in the process. That being said, JHV has now expanded into Private Visitation for those families involved in Family Court due to divorce, domestic violence, separation, and more. These are challenging times for everyone and we need to pull together to reach out and leave no one behind.

Thanks to a dedicated group of individuals, Team JHV has worked together thru this storm supporting the agency, each other, and our families utilizing our services by providing encouragement and moral support, working long hours and driving all over the state to assist in whatever capacity they could, and we are very appreciative of their efforts, time, and energy. Our team is a very diverse group of individuals from all walks of life and age brackets – both male and female – dedicated to giving back to the community in which they serve.

COVID-19 has affected many families in so many ways and the following picture says it all…

May God’s Blessing Be On All Of US…

Thank you for reading our blog – we hope it inspired you in some small way. Stay Safe, Be Careful, Be Blessed.

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