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Open Positions

““If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

Transports children to and from their foster home to a visit with their biological parents in a pre-determined, secure location. Supervises the entire visit, notes any relevant observations, and compiles a summary report that is submitted to the child’s social worker following each visit. These reports track the parent-child interaction and the family’s progress towards reunification.
The PCV Team Lead provides constant supervision of all PCV staff who deliver visit services under the current contract with a DCYF/CA social worker. Supervision includes dropping in on visits, observing staff in action, and reinforcing the timely submission of all reports, safety and proper supervision during visits, and the confidentiality of JHV clients. The team lead is also responsible for quality assurance and the satisfaction of birth and foster families with the delivery of PCV services.
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